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2017 Wisconsin State Champs

Nathan Milkey - Color Belt, 18 - 29 YEARS OLD -  Sparring

Todd Milkey - Color Belt, 50-59 YEARS OLD - Form, Sparring, & Combat Weapons

Logan Milkey- Color Belt, 14-17 YEARS OLD - Form, Sparring, Weapons. & Combat Weapons

Rebecca Monk - Color Belt, 9-10 YEARS OLD - Form, Sparring, & Combat Weapons

Sarah Van Rossum - 1st Degree Black Belt, 30-39 YEARS OLD - Form, Sparring, & Combat Weapons

Gwen Pfefferle - 1st Degree Black Belt, 0-8 YEARS OLD -Combat Weapons

Bella Mullally - 3rd Degree Black Belt, 13-14 YEARS OLD - Form, & Combat Weapons

Trevor Henn - Special Abilities Black Belt Cognitive, 13-17 YEARS OLD - Form, Sparring, & Weapons

Zach Glenn - 4th Degree Black Belt, 18-29 YEARS OLD - Sparring


Congratulations to our 2017 Black Belts:

Mr. Gregg Hanlon - 3rd Degree

Mr. Max Hanlon 3rd Degree

Ms. Rebecca Monk - 1st Degree

Ms. Gwen Pfefferle - 2nd Degree

Congratulations to our new Instructor Trainees in 2016!

Ms. Ruhie Patil, Instructor Trainee

Mr. Sam Jutila, Instructor Trainee

Mr. Michael Matzek, Instructor Trainee

Mr. Amadeau Baker, Instructor Trainee

Ms. Ryann Pomeroy, Instructor Trainee

Mr. Andrew Lindsay,  Junior Instructor Trainee

Mr. Ethan Thoms, Instructor Trainee

Ms. Nora Zaretzke, Junior Instructor Trainee

Mr. Samael Jutila, Instructor Trainee

Ms. Alina Xiong, Junior Instructor Trainee

Mr. Tyler Little, Instructor Trainee

Mr. Nathan Milkey, Instructor Trainee

Mr. Todd Milkey, Instructor Trainee

Check out "Our Staff" under the Programs Section for a complete list of our instructors and trainees!!!!!


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